GDC Talks    These are just the slides. To see the whole talk, check out the GDC Vault

   GDC 2012 - Gibson - Rapid Prototyping: Best Practices for Education    GDC Education Summit

   GDC 2011 - Bellezza & Gibson - From Edu to Indie    Teaching Students Self-Reliance

   GDC Online 2010 - Cash & Gibson - Sporadic-Play Update    The Latest Developments in Games for Busy People

   GDC Online 2010 - Gibson - Networking With the Pros    An Honest Talk About Meeting People at GDC

   GDC 2010 - Cash & Gibson - Sporadic-Play    The History and Future of Games for Busy People

Other Conference Talks    

   IndieCade 2013 - Intro to Game Design & Networking    Just the slides.

   IndieCade 2012 - Game Design Workshop    Just the slides.

   Meaningful Play 2012 - Designing Games Education    Just the slides.


   Skyrates    My grad school game project.

The Past

   Grad school work at the ETC

   Work samples from 2003

Personal Projects

   Star Wars RPG - The Shattered Ring

   d20 RPG character initial stat creation tool

   Digital Camera Rally


   Alaska 2006

   Penner Lake 2006

   The Driver's Edge 2005

   Pittsburgh 2004

   Halloween 2001




   Orisinal Games

   Nitrome Games