Digital Camera Rally

The goal of the design of this race was to create a race which required no official timers or referees and in which the organizers could also participate.

The race would be composed of about 10 teams of 2-4 people and 1 car each. One week before the race, each team would be given an identical map of Austin and instructed to take two digital pictures of objects around Austin according to the following rules. The object must...
  • be stationary
  • have been in the same location for at least 1 year
  • be unique and identifiable
  • be bigger than a bread box

Looking at the Austin map which they were given, each team's two objects must come from the same square on the map (e.g. both could be from square G6).

On the day of the race, all teams will arrive with copies of their images for the other teams and grid coordinates (e.g. G6) where the pictures were taken. Teams should bring extras in case any of their objects are vetoed by 6 of the 9 other teams. The rally starts, and each team rushes to capture digital photos of all twenty objects before the others. All cameras should have a date and time stamp feature enabled. Teams have two hours to find as many objects as possible.

Points are as follows
  • 10 points for each successful photo
  • -1 point for each minute late returning to the start point
  • -200 points for receiving a traffic citation

The team with the most points wins!