View the animatic (with sound)

- This storyboard is basically a rewrite of what's shown in the animatic.

Guest begins in black, no light, no sound. We will need a focus screen to get them adjusted to the headset first
Slow transition to blurry images in the black. Sound is low, fades in as a high-pitched ringing of the ears. Slowly, sounds begin to form.
Images form in the guest's eyes. Sounds are clearer now.
Enemy boxer begins to approach.

He's closer now, faster.
White! (This sequence makes you feel like you've been hit in the face. )
Guest has been hit, vision blurs a bit, sounds get a little odd as well.
The guest gets their vision back. The coach tells them to block punches and throw punches themselves.
Enemy continues to attack.
The guest learns to block.
The guest starts fighting back. From this point on, the guest and opponent will exchange blows. Damage regenerates over time, so the key to success is to get into a chain of closely-timed hits.

If the guest hits low (which we may allow), the ref will give them a warning. Too many warnings, and the guest will lose.

If the guest wins, the ref will raise their hand (we'll also raise their hand in real life). The guest will not actually see from the POV shown in this cell.
If the guest loses, they will black out and vaguely see the opponent winning the match.