These are pics from my family trip to Alaska in the summer of 2006.
Alaska Trip - Page 1
Our ship, the Ryndam
The Ryndam again
The first American Bald Eagles we saw
Shot of them through binoculars
My parents, Ray and Linda Gibson
Trees barely hanging onto a cliff for dear life
The leafy ground covering is devil’s palm (very thorny)
A salmon canning plant that we visited
Foxglove - Digitalis is made from this poisonous plant.
Outside the salmon-packing plant
A waterfall there
Another view
My family: Mom, Katy, Dad, and Amanda
Totem poles near Juneau, Alaska
This is the largest collection in the world
Even more
A close-up of the base of the previous totem pole
Yet another
Katy with a small totem pole
The lodge on the site
Mom with another totem pole
We’ll have to trust them. We didn’t try the pizza.
Model of a floating salmon trap. These are now illegal.
Skagway, Alaska
More of Skagway
Skagway continued
and more
I really liked the river through town
This was our view from our dinner table
Our lifeboat on the Ryndam
Amanda and Katy at Glacier Bay National Park
That was an amazing waterfall on the right
Dad, Mom, and Katy
Our whale-watching tour
These humpback whales were bubble net feeding. It’s a rare
form of feeding, in which the whales work as a pod.
One dives down and forms a ring of bubbles which rise
around a school of fish. The fish swim upward and inward,
and the whales lunge to the surface, feeding on the fish.
We then went to a salmon dinner
Another Alaskan flower
My family near a waterfall
Another fall at the salmon bake
Dad and Kate
Dad panning for gold
The river below the falls
Another view from dinner
We took a boat to Haines
 Finally got to Haines